The Northeast Alliance for Rail (NEAR) is a coalition of more than 50 of the Northeast's leading business, civic, and planning groups established to promote improved passenger rail service in the Northeast Megaregion, from southern Maine to northern Virginia - the nation's largest, densest, and most economically productive urban area. The Northeast Corridor is the backbone of the Northeast Megaregion's transportation network, connecting all of the largest cities from Boston to Washington, D.C. with commuter and intercity passenger rail services that carry over a quarter of a billion annual passengers. However, much of the corridor has reached its full capacity and its infrastructure is old, leaving it unable to support future ridership growth.

NEAR aims to bring the region's political influence and intellectual resources together to address the threat to our economic prosperity posed by worsening train congestion and the deterioration of the Northeast Corridor's infrastructure. To this end, NEAR works to advance critical passenger rail projects that will improve safety and reliability, reduce train congestion and trip times between major urban hubs, making it more attractive to do business in the Northeast.

U.S. Senators Carper (DE), Kerry (MA) and Lautenberg (NJ), and members of the Northeast Alliance for Rail address the media at a rally in Washington, DC Union Station in support of rail legislation.

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A coalition of business and civic leaders committed to improving passenger rail in the Northeast.
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